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November 2011 – Sherlock Holmes and the Flying Zombie Death Monkeys – Chris Wood
Comedy not to be Underestimated

(Click Book to purchase from Amazon.com)

Take the world's best known Victorian detective, add crazy adventures, buckets of humour & author Chris Wood making a string of gags & fart noises in the background & you get this amazing series of books.

This is classic slapstick comedy but make no mistake, comedy has often been under-estimated & for every basic gag in there, there is a really astute one. I don't want to over-analysis the japes but Wood's, like many good comedy writer's looks at every possible line & sees where the joke fits in. You'll see what I mean you begin to read it. The result is like a combination of Jeeves & Wooster combined with the Young Ones.

So, in this volume, you will find 4 well-crafted tales of the great detective. The title story is a classic & involves members of the House of Lords being transformed into hideous zombie primates. Is there any hope? Read & find out. A Scandal in Burnley contains a dalliance with love & the Piano tale a case of hilarious musical madness. The final tale, The Mystery of the Speckled Wag is one of my favourites in all the series. I won't ruin the mystery but be prepared for some of the best-named characters in literature!

These books are classic comedy & in today's environment & I know we all need a good laugh. They are well-produced with some very funny illustrations to distract you. Wood's invites you once more into his twisted world of humour - just sit back, get a cup of tea & enjoy - that's what this books are for....


February 2011 – Sherlock Holmes & the Underpants of Death – Chris Wood
Get Lost in a World of Scary Pants!

(Click Book to purchase from Amazon.com)

I was sent this book to review. I didn't know what to expect but I have to say I read it pretty much in one weekend - that's always the mark of decent book.

The volume is actually a set of self-contained short stories, each with its own tale of mystery. I'm a big fan of books which are easy to read and this one is well-laid out.

The phrase `laugh out loud' is used a lot on Amazon and for me, this one really is laugh out loud. There is much toilet humour so if you're not a fan - steer clear. On some of the one star reviews here, personally, I think they are rather unfair as this book is well-produced and written. Saying that, there is also a lot of clever humour in there as well - if you like Blackadder, you love this.

The stories are well-crafted. I won't give too much away but the title story sees Holmes and Watson on the trail of a terrifying pair of other-worldly bloomers. If ghostly underwear or mysterious odours fill you with horror - then you are in the right place. As mentioned, the style and flow of the stories is very comfortable and I haven't laughed as much at stories for a long time.

Many of the reviewers have over-looked that it is full of funny illustrations which really add to the book.

Now, I am not a fan of simple mash ups but I think Wood has offered us something different here. He's completely re-worked stories and the books are a really hilarious read. You can't help thinking how they would be as short films or cartoons.

My advice - forget the worries of the world and get lost in Wood's world of scary pants.


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